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Aeen-e-Wafa is one of the outstanding novels written by Farhat Ishtiaq. Farhat Ishtiaq is famous for her unique ideas. All her writing and novels are just speechless. The reader can feel the magical flow of her writing.

Aeen-e-Wafa as the name represents is the story about a promise which a couple makes for their family’s sake that they can’t live together because of their family’s happiness but after that their sacrifice never goes useless.

Aeen-e-Wafa is the story of a girl named Niha and a boy who was Turkish. Both fall in love with each other but Niha due to her father asked him to go away because they cannot live together.

Aaen-e-Wafa is the story of fulfilling promises. Farhat Ishtiaq very beautifully explains the relations, love, romance, and feelings of both. Both decided to sacrifice their love but the girl’s father understands the situation and gets ready for their relation.

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Aeen -e-Wafa is the story of every eastern girl who is shy about her feelings and always ready to sacrifice herself for the best of her family. Another very important thing which is described in this novel is love if it is pure never fails.

Just have faith and be determined on it you will find everything whatever you want. Aeen-e-Wafa novel has a very amazing story as the reader can feel the love, their feelings when they are happy when they are hurt when they hide their tear.

The reader will flow with the magical pen of Farhat Ishtiaq. Girl Niha was ready to marry another boy who was his father’s friend’s son but an accident happens and the man met the boy with whom his daughter was in love, his ethics, manners, and lovely nature force him to change his view about then he agreed for the marriage.


Aeen E Wafa By Farhat Ishtiaq
AuthorFarhat Ishtiaq
Original Titleآئین وفا
PDF QualityHD (no watermark)


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