Ali Pur Ka Aili By Mumtaz Mufti

Alipur Ka Ailee is Mumtaz Mufti’s semi-autobiographical novel describing the trials and tribulations of the early phase of its protagonist’s life. The story continues in Alakh Nagri, which makes up the second part of the long novel.

Alipur Ka Aili was first published as a novel in 1961 and gained considerable acclaim for the Adam G Literary Award.

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According to Ibn Ansha, the book became famous because it did not receive the Adam G Award, but it was nevertheless well-received in literary circles and the literary status of the eminent mufti became stronger than ever.

In later editions, Mumtaz Mufti admitted that this was the story of his own life from childhood to 1947 and that most of the events in this story were based on fact.

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AuthorMumtaz Mufti
Original titleعلی پور کا ایلی
Publication date1961

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