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The story starts with a boy named Qalb-e-Momin, writing letters to Allah. He writes details of every little thing that happen to drop in a letterbox near his home.

Time passes, he grows young, and his connection with god fades away. He lives a glamorous life and does not want anything to do with god. That is where the real story begins.

Even though he has everything a person could ever imagine, he still feels something like a real purpose in his life is missing. Afterward, we read about his journey of finding back his connection with Almighty.

Alif PDF

Umera Ahmad completed her Master’s in English literature from Murray College, Sialkot. Umera Ahmad has remained an English teacher at Army Public School, Sialkot, where she taught middle school and High school students.

However, Umera Ahmad wanted to pursue her writing career full-time, so she quit her job as a teacher and started writing for Urdu Magazines. Umera Ahmad began writing at an early age.

Her stories were often published in monthly Urdu Digest magazines. Soon she began publishing books as well. Umera Ahmad has written more than 30 books, some novels, and other compilations of short stories.

Her most famous work and the one that heightened her career was Peer-e-Kamil and Meri Zaat Zara-e-Beishan. Umera Ahmad started her writing career in 1998 when she started publishing stories in the monthly Urdu magazines.


Author Umera Ahmad
Original Title Alif
Language Urdu
Format PDF
Pages 466
Size 44.3 MB
PDF Quality HD

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