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Apni Talash by Qasim Ali shah, when a person goes out to discover himself if he is not serious about his question. He never reaches his destination. In this world, no one recognized him immediately, even though he is very rich and powerful.

He needs a series of times and a story of hard-working then he knows his personality.

A very interesting example of a person who was born in Karachi went to Europe for business education, but he got a law degree and became a national hero founder of Pakistan.

People know that personality name Quaid-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. As like there are many examples in this world who discover yourself. For this God requires hard work and wanting to recognize yourself. To know who I am? The answer to this question warrants a perceptive process, to show in front of Allah and sometimes you give a perzine of tears.

Apni Talash PDF

When you see in yourself, discover a diamond, you feel you have a good heart. Sometimes you find a lion in your heart when you consider, you are a brave man during this continuous search you reach a point where you achieved the real thing.

If you speak in this questioning road a line comes into mind “Ki Jana M kon” (Apni Talash) Research says a person has a minimum of three and maximum of five qualities due to this he became a successful man or was fined only one in yourself he lives a precious life.

If you choose your subject and career according to capabilities, you can make your career powerful. Creation, research, and movement by Qasim Ali Shah, unfortunately when we’re getting education our focus is only on weakness and imperfections.

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AuthorQasim Ali Shah
Original Titleاپنی تلاش

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