Asrar e Khudi by Allama Iqbal

Asrar-e-khudi is written by Allama Muhammad iqbal. It is the translation of the famous persian book Asrar-o-Ramzon. The Secret of the self is now an Urdu translation of the Persian poetry of Allama Muhammad Iqbal translated into the Urdu language by Abdul Rasheed Fazil.

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Allama Muhammad Iqbal Was a Famous writer, philosopher, and politician whose vision of a cultural and political ideal for the Muslims of British ruled India was to animate the impulse for Pakistan.

Allama Iqbal was born and raised in Sialkot, Punjab is an Ethnic Kashmire Muslim Family. Allama Iqbal studied in Sialkot and Lahore and thereafter in England and Germany.

In England, He did B.A that made him eligible to practice law as an advocate. Although he established a law practice after returning he concentrated primarily on writing scholarly works on politics, economics, history, philosophy, and religion. He is best known for his poetic works including Asrar-e-Khudi.

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AuthorAllama Muhammad Iqbal
Original Titleاسرار خودی
Published Date1915

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