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Qasim Ali Shah is the author of the book Bari Manzil Ka Musafir. It is a great motivational book that contains many essays. The writer quoted some great personalities and writers. He gave the lesson of hope and struggle in life.

This book plays an important role in the character making of any person in any field at any age. It is also one of them which provide mental health, strong information, and many more thing for its reader. This has worth investing in terms of money and time.

Bari Manzil Ka Musafir PDF

Qasim Ali Shah is a Corporate Trainer, Public Speaker, Leader for each age gathering, Businessmen, Corporate administrators, Teachers, Writer, Employees, and Students. He is the most popular self-improvement teacher-author he writes many books and lectures in many shows and also records the best tv and radio speeches and lectures in the Urdu language.

This book Bari Manzil Ka Musafir means Passenger of big destination the basic topics how to get big success or how to win real achievements in your life.

Qasim Ali Shah frequently quotes the Sufi poets and scholars in his speeches. He believes that Islam is a complete code of life and the best way to lead a happy life.

In his opinion, the life of the Holy Prophet SAW gave us the lesson of patience, tolerance, and hope. Qasim Ali shared his personal experiences in his books and speeches as well.


AuthorQasim Ali Shah
Original Titleبڑی منزل کا مسافر

We have provided this novel in pdf formats. I hope you will enjoy this. 


Bari Munzil Ka Musafir SS 1
Bari Munzil Ka Musafir SS 2

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