Bazigar by Shakeel Adil Zada

Shakeel Adil Zada is the author of the book Bazigar Novel Pdf. He is a famous journalist, novelist, and story writer in Pakistan. Shakeel Adilzada has a unique style of writing. He was the favorite writer of the young generation.

Shakeel Adilzada belongs to a literary family. His father was also a notable poet and writer. He started a magazine Insha in 1958 in collaboration with Raees Amrohvi that got the people in his trance.

Shakeel Adil Zada started his career as a writer and journalist from Sub Rang digest. He was a highly qualified professional, but he gave priority to writing. He was the publisher of the Sab Rang digest. The magazine was launched in 1970.

Shakeel Adilzada had the aim if the digest flopped, he will not marry in his later life. The magazine made a record of massive publishing in Pakistan. It is publishing till the days and crosses the monthly circulation of more than fifty thousand. There are some great stories published in it, including Bazigar Novel.

Bazigar Novel in PDF

“Bazigar” by Shakeel Adil Zada and a very interesting long Urdu story of a brave young man in the Urdu language. “Bazigar” is the title name of this Urdu novel. Many other novels on the same cover name “Bazigar” are published, but this novel is written by Shakeel Adil Zada.

Bazigar is a famous Urdu novel. Bazigar is the fascinating Urdu fiction story of a young man Babar Zaman. The story is a first-person narrative. Babar Zaman is the protagonist of this story, and the whole story revolves around him. Adil Shakeel Zada’s Bazigar was published in episodes/part in the famous Sub Rang Urdu Digest.

The story of Bazigar by Adil Shakeel Zada was a famous story at the time. This is the story of the bravery of a man who faces different difficulties and variations in his life. The author Shakeel Adil Zada is best known for Bazigar. This fiction story is very long containing.

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AuthorShakeel Adil Zada
Original Titleبازی گر

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