Bheegi Palkon Par by Iqrar Sagheer PDF [Free Download]

Bheegi Palkon Par is a Block Buster Social Romantic Urdu Novel by Women Digest Writer Iqra Sagheer Ahmed.

She also tells in this novel that whatever you will bow you have to read it too. Bheegi Palkon Par is the story of a girl who was living life like an orphan instead of having both father and mother because when she was a kid her grandmother made her parents force her to have separation.

Bheegi Palkon Par Novel in PDF

That is why she was insecure and always felt guilty on her to be a part of this world. Bheegi Palkon Par is the story of a girl who is supposed to be weeping all the time at her destiny.

Another thing which Iqra Sagheer Ahmed describes in this novel Bheegi Palkon Per is up growing of children is matters a lot if you are giving wrong manners then you have to pay for it.

Well, it is an interesting story and the turning point comes when the hero’s entry takes place in this novel.

It is a unique novel interesting to read. Read the complete novel Bheegi Palkon Per by Iqra Sagheer Ahmed.

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Bheegi Palkon Par Novel
AuthorIqrar Sagheer Ahmed
Original titleBheegi Palkon Par
Publication date—-

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