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“Closing the sale is the only assurance of rewards. It is not true that you get paid to sell. You are not paid to sell. You are only paid to close. Your ability or inability to bring your buyer to a “yes” decision.

To quit looking, thinking, and stalling, and finally close, alone determines your stability and productivity as a salesperson. Those that can close love selling and those who cannot close hate it”.

Great book about answering people’s common objections to whatever I’m selling. I’m not a pushy salesperson, so some of these I wouldn’t even attempt to use or weren’t applicable to my day-job of auto/home insurance, but many of them were so easy that I am excited to put them into practice!

The first half-hour was just the author telling the reader how great he is (feel free to skip that if you’ve ever read a book by Grant Cardone before), and then the next hour or so was an introduction to why these closes work, and by the last 3-4 hours, it was all just a list of objections, followed by a suggested close, and then a short role-play in how that would actually work in real life.

Closer’s Survival Guide PDF

To many people’s surprise, strong sales skills are a key requirement for most film producers. Thus having a background in this area has been a key asset for me on this career path. Likewise the same could be said for many aspects of our day-to-day lives both business and personal.

The business of sales is vital in ways many fail to appreciate, and it is an art form that in many ways resembles the structure and complexity of a language. Thus we come to The Closer’s Survival Guide a book focused on perhaps the most important part of selling ‘The Art of the Close’. Written by Grant Cardone a veritable legend in the arena of sales.

Thus, I had high hopes for this title. Having read one of Cardone’s previous books The 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure, I know he is a capable author. However, what he delivers in The Closers Survival Guide feels like the missing appendix to a book.

I am yet to read (and one I’d imagine he is yet to write). Cardone approaches this title with his usual energy and zeal. His comprehensive knowledge of the art of sales and closing is more than impressive, and it is clear he is a very capable and intelligent salesman.

However, this genuinely feels like being asked to learn a language by being given a dictionary with the worst thing being the dictionary is not even in alphabetical order, and you are given no context of the grammar, forms, and structures of the language take.

He just endlessly reels off close after close, after the close — placed in a seemingly random and unrelated order, with no framework as to when or why to use each one, or how to integrate them into a sale.

He occasionally warns against overusing certain closes but without applicable settings, his advice may actually undermine many salespeople. The context for the closes is just absent, thus it ends up becoming a blur of Cardone just showing off his vast knowledge.

Anyone with an experienced background in sales will be familiar with some if not many of the closes, but there will definitely be many closes that even the most accomplished salesperson will not be familiar with some being broad versus some with more narrow scope and utility.

Some are very similar (and would have been better organized into appropriate styles and categories) but the randomness of the presentation hinders the utility of everything presented.

Imagine being presented a food menu with 1000 random items, all uncategorized with no logical order, just a mass jumbled assortment — with no prices or values. Now tell me what do you want to pick for dinner? Ultimately Cardone leaves the reader starving for structure, form, and context.

The total absence of organization and lack of framework may leave many overwhelmed and actually set their progress backward in terms of true understanding. Hence it might actually do more harm than good.

Unfortunately, this is a muddle that would need to be entirely rewritten to be of functional use in the arena of learning for real-life sales. This is a shame as such vast knowledge could have been put to far better use with the right application.

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