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Ahmed Faraz Poetry writer, Lecturer Ahmed Faraz’s individual one of the life snippets of his youth lead him to venture into the universe of verse.

The majority of individuals contrasted his verse and Faiz Ahmed Faiz as he holds one-of-a-kind quality among every single well-known writer presently in Pakistan or in Asia.

He is popular in view of his basic method for composing style who will comprehend and read by the vast majority of individuals.

Dard-e-Ashob PDF

Ahmad Faraz was born in Kohat, (then British India) to Syed Muhammad Shah Barq. His brother is Syed Masood Kausar. He moved to Peshawar with his family. He studied at the famous Edwardes College, Peshawar, and received Masters’s in Urdu and Persian from Peshawar University.

During his college life, the progressive poets Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Ali Sardar Jafri were his best friends, who impressed him and became his role models. Ethnically a Pashtun Syed, Ahmad Faraz studied Persian and Urdu at Peshawar University. He later became a lecturer at Peshawar University.

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dard e ashoob book
AuthorAhmed Faraz
Original Titleدرد آشوب
Published Date January 1, 1966
PDF QualityMedium (no watermark)

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