Deewan e Ghalib by Mirza Asadullah

Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan is known to posterity as Ghali, He adopted in the tradition of all classical Urdu poets, was born in the city of Agra, of parents with Turkish aristocratic ancestry, probably on December 27th, 1797.

As to the precise date, Imtiyaz Ali Arshi has conjectured, on the basis of Ghalib’s horoscope, that the poet might have been born a month later, in January 1798. Both his father and uncle died while he was still young, and he spent a good part of his early boyhood with his mother’s family.

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Diwan-e-Ghalib remains the best collection of Urdu verses from the classical Urdu era, in which Rekhta flourished. Ghalib was one of the rare poets to write Urdu verses in a simple language that can be understood by readers of any age and gender. Whether it is Ghalib’s verses still touch millions of hearts with their simplicity as they remain relatable even after hundreds of years.

Dewan e Ghalib in Urdu by Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib Collection of Poets, Poems, Shairy, Urdu Shairy, Ghazals, and Poetry.

This book is about the complete life history and poetry of Mirza Ghalib Asadullah Baig Khan a classical Urdu and Persian poet from the Mughal Empire during British colonial rules.

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AuthorMirza Asadullah Baig Khan
Original Titleدیوانِ غالِب
Published DateMay 19th, 2018

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