Depression aur Nafisyati Amraz ka Elaj by Dr. Javed Sahim

Depression Aur Nafisyati Amraz Ka Elaj written by Dr Javed Saim. This is a popular book by a famous writer. In this book, you can learn about the treatment of the nature of psychological disorders, Read about Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, and Human Nerve systems, Health and Thinking,

What is Depression, psychological diseases, Social and mental behaviour the types of Tension, treatment of tension or Depression, Mental Disorders & Conditions, Causes, Treatments by psychologists?

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AuthorDoctor Javed Sahim
Original Titleڈپریشن اور نفسیاتی امراض کا علاج

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Depression or Nafsyat SS 1
Depression or Nafsyat SS 2

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