Satra Wazaif Say Zindagi Asan by Tariq Mehmood

Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Chughtai is one of the most Influential Spiritual Leaders in the 21st Century, his weekly Dars (Speeches) are listened to in over 200 countries worldwide and are followed by millions of people on various social media channels.

He has researched, published, and authored over 275 books on various topics but is ultimately considered ‘the’ modern-day subject matter expert when it comes to Sufi Spiritualism, Islamic prophetic & herbal medicine, and the Islamic Sciences.

He is also the editor of Ubqari Magazine, a monthly-paid publication on these and other related subjects, it currently has a worldwide ‘monthly’ circulation of around two hundred thousand copies in the Urdu language alone.

Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Chughtai has a Ph.D. in herbal medicine and is considered to have re-invented or re-introduced to the modern world, many lost and forgotten medicinal recipes & remedies prescribed to us by our noble prophet Muhammad (SAW) and other great Islamic leaders and elders of the past. His Herbal Medicines are sold at a fraction of the retail price, and are available throughout various distributing agents in Pakistan, and internationally.

Easy Life With Seventeen Wazaaif PDF

His clinic is based in Lahore, where he sees patients daily for free on a variety of mental, physical, social-domestic, and spiritual issues. His life mission has been to relive the suffering of humanity and serve and treat equally people of all religions, sects, colors, and creeds/backgrounds.

A philosophy that is echoed in his weekly Speeches. More recently he has been named ‘Sheikh-ul-Wazaif’ by many of his followers, who he prescribes duas or ayat from the Quran to read as a prescription and remedy to many modern-day mental, physical, social-domestic, and spiritual problems.

He is considered by many of his followers as a sheik of great positive spiritual knowledge and power. He is also known to be equally feared by many black magic practitioners, and practitioners of the occult and the dark arts in Pakistan.

He has given many talks and published numerous articles and books about spiritual healing, the unseen world, the jinn, black magic, the occult.

His talks and publications have been very popular in countries around the world where there is a huge increase in mental health issues, suicides, the interactions and negative effects of the jinn, evil eye, and/or in the use of the black magic in resolving social-domestic, family or financial issues.

His talks and academic contributions have been welcomed by his millions of followers around the world who believe he has revied the Quran and Sunnah on the subject and attested to the benefits of these revived teachings.

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AuthorTariq Mehmood
Original TitleEasy Life With Seventeen Wazaaif

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