Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets by Robert Kiyosaki – [PDF Download]

Robert really opens us up to money, its history, and its future. He talks about Gross Universal Cash Heist, people who control “the money” and introduces us to the term “gods money” which is gold and silver. He points us to other books such as Collusion and we can start to understand the frameworks that make up the economy.

The unseen becomes visible when we look at the evolution of banking and the trends that directly impact us such as taxes, inflation, and hospital bills. There’s a heist going on and many people are unaware of their role in all of this. The reason why God’s Money becomes important is that it was here before the human race and will be hereafter.

God’s money, as opposed to “fake money” or printed money, becomes a safe haven for the financially enlightened because there is no counter-party risk. He doesn’t say fake money is bad money though. He says that the rich use debt to create a cash flow of fake money which they ultimately convert into gold and silver which they hoard.

Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets PDF

What a compelling book for anyone who wants to challenge themselves, learn, and grow. Robert Kiyosaki does not tell you what you want to hear what makes him a great teacher. You really have to face the truths, accept the current situation and start working from there.

I discovered several ways that at the moment I am not doing as well as I thought I was. At some time I found great hope and joy from the fact that I realized this and now can start work towards the higher levels. For sure this book is to be studied.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about becoming or being rich. Anyone who is interested in money and value. What I am going to do based on now that I’ve read this book?

I’ll work on my teamwork skills to transition from self-employed to business owner/investor quadrants. The book changed my view on ownership also and what is really valuable, which puts me to consider things that are worth owning.

In addition, what opened my eyes was how money is created. Of course, money is created from nothing by having collateral something real such as gold or land. Value of paper money always returns to its original state which is what?

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Author Robert Kiyosaki
Book Title Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets
Language English
Pages 460
Size 23.40 MB

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