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Al-Fatawa al-Hindiyyah otherwise called Fatawa Alamgiri is an assortment of Islamic decisions given and gathered by a gathering of Hanafi researchers from India. This academic work was because of a solicitation by the Muslim ruler of India and an Islamic researcher in his own standing, Muhammad Aurangzeb.

The Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb was otherwise called ‘Alamgir’. The Fatawa-e-Alamgiri is remarkable for a few reasons: It was one of the most punctual fiqh’s It traversed making it the most far-reaching fiqh of its time.

It filled in as the premise of law and convention forced by Aurangzeb all through his domain critically for Today’s Hanafi Students this Work is before the Hanafis of the Indian subcontinent split into the Deobandi/Barelvi.

Fatawa Alamgiri PDF

This work likewise contains 2 different fatwas, to be specific the Fatawa Qadikhan who died in 596H and Fatawa Al-Bazaziyyah who died 827H. ​Very significant work that has broad notes. Collection from Gustakhana Ibaraat.

In the early days of his reign, Orang Zeb Alamgir compiled a comprehensive and authoritative book on Islamic jurisprudence to settle cases and controversial issues in the light of Islamic law, which is called “Fatawa Alamgiri” in India.

While in the Arab world it is known as the “Fatwa of India”. This book is an authentic, reliable, and comprehensive book according to the Hanafi jurists after Hidayah which has been compiled in a very careful and scientific way.

The real impetus for the compilation was the strong feeling of the Muslims that their collective affairs should be decided in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah and that Islamic law should be forgotten in the country.

The need for such a book has long been felt to bridge the differences between individual fatwas and to be used throughout the country as the primary textbook of law, but there are no opportunities to compile such a book for political reasons alone.

Could find For this, it is necessary to keep in mind the political background of Aurangzeb Alamgir’s era and the period before him.

This led to the compilation of the book of jurisprudence, which was the basic textbook of Muslim affairs and the judiciary of the entire Islamic State of India, not only in its time but also before the Muslims took over the government. Muftis explain the solution to problems.

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TranslatorKafilur Rahman Nishat Usmani
Original TitleFatawa Alamgiri
Published Date17th century

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