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In this novel, you can read about Sayi telling Virat that she will not feel bad if he flirts with any girl as their marriage is a contract. Virat says she has to follow his orders. She asks if she is his constable that she should follow his order.

He says if she was his constable, he would have ordered her to have medicine. She says why did he support her against family in the morning. He says he felt she was right. She asks then why did he scold her the other day.

He says he scolded her that day as he felt she did wrong by flirting with Amay and bringing him home and supported her in the morning as Bhavani did wrong by snatching a plate from her hands. He asks her to forget all this and tell them if she had anything since morning.

She says she didn’t as she has to pre-book order in the college canteen. He asks if she really didn’t have anything. She says she had air and it’s very tasty. He says even he felt the same being hungry since morning. She asks even if he didn’t have anything since morning.

He says yes and insists to check her fever. She agrees. He checks her forehead and puts a thermometer in her mouth. Their eyes lock and they get alert. He checks reading and says she has a high fever.

So she should have food and then rest, she will not work tomorrow and he will talk about it to Bhavani. She thinks earlier Virat sir asked her to work and now not to work, but she will work in the kitchen and then go to college and will not bear anyone’s taunt.

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein PDF

Areej Shah is a new social writer. Her unique writing style must grab your attention.

She has written many stories and chosen a variety of topics to write about.

She has a large number of fans waiting for her novel. Areej Shah Wrote it with her stunning writing skills.


Author Areej Shah
Original Title Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein
Language Urdu
Format PDF
Pages 125
Size 8.76 MB
PDF Quality HD

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