Humphrey Key Aitrafat

Humphery key Aitrafat is an Urdu book that is the confessions of a British spy. He was a British spy in Islamic states and afterward some time he could ad-lib the wahabiat as a new camp in Islam with the aid of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab.

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According to Humphrey, he was sent to spy on Islamic countries and to sow discord among Muslims.

So he introduced himself as a simple Muslim and studied the Arabic language and Islam. He chose a man named Sheikh Abdul Wahab to create differences among the Muslims.

Dear readers! Reading this book gives an idea of ​​how the Jewish and Christian lobbies are trying to widen the differences between Muslims and especially Shia Sunnis and Wahhabis and to widen these differences and especially against Wahhabis and Sunnis.

And this book has been written to show the seeds of hatred in the hearts of the Shia people.


Original Titleہمفرے کے اعترافات

We have provided this in pdf formats. I hope you will enjoy this. 


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