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Iblees Novel authored by Nimra Ahmed. She is a prolific female writer and wrote many successful novels. Her novel Jannat kay Pattay, Mushaf, and Namal Novel are appreciated by the readers very well throughout the world. Nimra Ahmed gave a touch of Islamic teachings to her books.

She wrote Jannat kay pattay which told the story of human creation. In her novel Mushaf, Nimra explains the blessing and teachings of the Quran. She knew the necessity of religion in human life. Nimra believes in moral values, and only faith can teach them about morality.

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Nemrah Ahmed started her writing journey at the age of 16, with a novel named Meray Khwaab Meray Jugnoo. Saans Sakin Thi was the second addition to her journey, a story based on a cricketer.

With her Third piece of writing Pahari Ka Qaidi, Nemrah Ahmed discovered her dramatic style of writing. Karakoram Ka Taj Mehal, a love story based on two climbers, from Pakistan And Turkey was another edition of her journey.

Nemrah then used her pen to write the book named Mushaf in 2011, which proved to be a turning point in her writing journey. It was also published in India. In 2012, her Jannat Kay Pattay started publishing in Shuaa Digest.

Jannat Kay Pattay has been one of the most selling novels in Pakistan since 2013. In July 2014, Nemrah started writing a Suspense story of heart and blood, named Namal.

A modern-day story of a murder, with the riddles of Quran and cure of the diseases of heart, Namal proved to be a masterpiece that took her to the top of Pakistan’s best digest writers. Breaking the stereotypes, once again Nemrah started her new novel Haalim in May 2016, an amalgam of Politics and Science fiction, based on broken relationships and taboos. It is still going on and will be completed soon.

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AuthorNimra Ahmed
Original Titleابلیس

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