Jinnat ka Paidaishi Dost by Allama Lahoti

Jinnat ka Paidaishi Dost Part 1 complete book By Allama Lahoti Purisrar book explained all things about Jinnat in the light of Quran and Hadees.

This book also contains thousand of real-life stories about Jinnat. Allama Lahoti Purisrar’s book will explain how Jinnat spends their life, what Jinnat eats, and Jinnat types.

This book “Jinnat ka Paidaishi Dost” is a comprehensive book about Jinnat. If someone wants to know more about Jinnat then he/she should read this book.

Jinnat Ka Paidaishi Dost Part 1 in PDF

A Life story of Men who make Childhood Friendship with Jinn (ghost). In this book, there are interesting information and secret stories the Nation of a ghost (Jinnat).

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AuthorAllama Lahoti Purisrar
Original Titleجنات کا پیدائشی دوست

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Jinnat Ka Pedaishi Dost SS 1
Jinnat Ka Pedaishi Dost SS 2

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