Jo Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo by Farhat Ishtiaq – PDF [Free Download]

It starts with a 32-year-old Sikandar, who lives alone and works as a lawyer. He suffers from insomnia, but when he does get sleep, he is plagued with nightmares.

He’s depressed. He’s broken. He’s an empty shell. He has a mysterious past. He’s recently, temporarily, moved to Rome (Italy) as a part of his job where his path crosses with a beautiful Italian girl named Liza.

Liza is friendly. She is cheerful and so full of life. She is everything Sikandar is not. She tries to befriend Sikandar, but he pushes her away. But she’s persistent.

And it’s her stubbornness and dedication that she was able to make a guy like Sikandar open up to her. Love blossoms between them. And it’s oh-so-beautiful.

Jo Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo PDF

Flashbacks are sprinkled throughout their present story. We gradually see what Sikandar was, the family he belonged to, and the luxurious lifestyle that he grew up enjoying. And we see how his world was destroyed and by whom.

We see how people he cared about most forsake him and leave him for the world to do whatever. How he was stripped of everything and had to start from nothing.

And adding to that, something incredibly horrifying happens to him, something that people in our society don’t believe can happen to a man, but it happened to him, that shattered him completely and brought him to the brink of suicide.


Author Farhat Ishtiaq
Original Title Jo Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo PDF
Language Urdu
PDF QualityHD

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