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Kashf-ul-Mahjoob is written by Sayyid Ali bin Usman Hujweri. Kashf-ul-Mahjoob or Kashf al-Mahjub is the first-ever Persian book written on the philosophy and practice of Tasawwuf “Islamic Sufism”.

The creator of this Urdu book Hazrat Sayyid Ali receptacle Usman Hajveri is an exceptionally observed Sufi holy person of Pakistan, regularly called Data Ganj Bakhsh. The book was composed in Farsi, however, has been deciphered in numerous different dialects.

In Urdu alone, there are in excess of twelve interpretations. The exhibited release is a standout amongst other Urdu interpretations by Allama Fazl Ud Din Gohar and distributed by Zia-ul-Quran Publications, Lahore, in 2010.

Kashf ul Mahjoob PDF

It is an excellent book about Islam and Sufism by Makhdoom Ali Bin Usman Hajveri. The writer mentioned many events from his life. He explained different terms of Sufism. He described the virtues and their necessity to get the pleasure of Allah.

Makhdoom Ali Hajveri was a great scholar of Islam, philosopher, and saint. He authored some excellent books and this book is set on the top. He spent most of his life in Lahore and converted thousands of people to Islam.

The sheikh has explained 11 Veils in his book. When these veils are lifted, one is able to achieve spiritual elevation. He explains each of these 11 veils in detail that are generally not available to common people.

Starting with the knowledge of divine attributes, the sheikh also explains the inner dimensions of Unity of God, Faith, Purification of Soul and Body from Foulness, Prayers, Alms, Fasting, Pilgrimage, Companionship, and so on.

Apart from being religious spiritualism in the genre, the book touches other important areas too, such as intelligence, love, and humanity to all. Its highly engrossing way of conveying the sacred secrets sticks fast its readers until they reach the 11th or the last Veil.

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AuthorAli Hujwiri
Original TitleKashf ul Mahjoob
Published DateJanuary 1, 2013

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