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The highly anticipated follow-up to Simon Sinek’s global bestseller Start with Why Simon Sinek is an optimist, a visionary thinker, and a leader of the cultural revolution of WHY. His second book is the natural extension of Start with Why, expanding his ideas at the organizational level. Determining a company’s WHY is crucial, but only the beginning.

The next step is how do you get people on board with your WHY? How do you inspire deep trust and commitment to the company and one another? He cites the Marine Corps for having found a way to build a culture in which men and women are willing to risk their lives, because they know others would do the same for them. 

It’s not brainwashing; it’s actually based on the biology of how and when people are naturally at their best. If businesses could adopt this supportive mentality, employees would be more motivated to take bigger risks, because they’d know their colleagues and company would back them up, no matter what. 

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Simon Sinek breaks down the notion of leadership and the way organizations run. He talks about this concept of the Circle of Safety and that if the circle is formed by the organization to keep people safe, they are prone to be successful at dangers from outside the circle. If the environment within the circle is unsafe and people feel afraid or in danger, they are prone to harm from the outside.

His book uses great examples and reads exactly the way Simon Sinek talks. It’s engaging, relatable, and applies to both the business word and the non-business world. As a student affairs professional in higher education, I think this book definitely is useful and I am already thinking about how I can use this in my practice, with the people who supervise me, and the people I will supervise.

Towards the end of the book, an entire part of the book is devoted to some leadership lessons. He discusses the obsession with social media and virtual people and friends. Organizations are obsessed with results an numbers. What we often forget is that we deal with people, not machines. As the book title goes, Leaders Eat Last because they see their work as service to others.

They put the needs of others first to ensure that the entire organization functions. Once we eat first and forget about everyone else as a part of our teams, groups, and organizations, it is when we see the inside dangers that create a culture of paranoia, unhealthy competition, and in all seriousness, backstabbing. I highly recommend this book to organizational leaders in all sectors and groups.

I was super self-reflective while reading and I loved this book for the simple concepts Simon Sinek discusses and brings into the limelight! It is often the simple things that we don’t do that hurt our organizations and the people around us.

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