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Mah e Tamam Social Novel is written by famous romantic novel writer Amna Riaz. Amna Riaz is a well-known Urdu novelist and famous for her love, romance, and social novels, especially for women.

She has been writing many Urdu novels Social, Love, Romantic, and fiction for many years in Monthly Urdu Digests of Pakistan.

Mah e Tamam Novel in PDF

The book Maah e Tamam Novel Pdf is another excellent social, romantic story by Amna Riaz.

This edition was published many years ago serial-wise in Urdu monthly digests. It is a favourite novel of the women.

The author discussed some sensitive social issues in the book. Love marriage is the main topic of the story. Amna criticized the customs and traditions of society.

The novel explains that Generation Gap is a very common problem in many Families, where young ones think elders are unnecessarily forcing their rules and restrictions on them.

While elders think young ones are not behaving and violating their cultural values and family traditions.

Mostly this Generation Gap comes with Communication Gap, when family members, old and young ones do not talk or express themselves.

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AuthorAmna Riaz
Original titleماہ تمام
Publication date—-

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