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Robert Greene brings together the stories of various masters over the centuries – from scientists to pilots to boxers to writers – to show how one truly masters a field.

Combating the pernicious myth of the naturally-talented genius who comes out of nowhere with the world-changing idea, he shows how an intense apprenticeship is necessary for the deep insights these masters produce – even though this apprenticeship does not often take the route of conventional education.

Your Life’s Task is to discover your uniqueness and express it in your work, the work only you can do. And the way to do that is to submit to the process of Mastery.

The Life’s Task is a concept I’ve always believed in, but I’ve never been able to articulate it as well as Greene, who himself is a Master storyteller and synthesizer of how humans operate.

Mastery – PDF

“How to master a skill?” If this question is nagging you and keeping you awake at night, then you should pick this one. If you want to master the skill all by yourself not taking any help then you would lose decades of time, so, learn from the masters. Mastering a skill is a frighteningly difficult task, but you could attain it by learning from the masters who have patiently yet fiercely spent decades of time on their discoveries and inventions.

1) The apprenticeship phase: Follow your inclinations. In this phase, you dedicate 10000 hours of your time to learning your desired skill, need to put in your effort by overcoming obstacles and boredom. You need a teacher from whom you can learn, be respectful, obey at all costs by letting go of your ego.

2) Creative active phase: After learning the skill inside-out, you start experimenting on the skill by being creative, you need to let go of the fixed mindset, complacency, and need to accept criticism.

3) Mastery: You’ve been a humble student and have attained the knowledge about the internal semantics of your skill, it’s time for you to invent something new and substantial with your knowledge.

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Author Robert Greene
Book Title Mastery
Language English
Pages 343
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