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Mata e jaan hai tu novel by Farhat Ishtiaq is a social romantic Urdu novel . It was published in a monthly Digest. Over the past few years, Farhat Ishtiaq has emerged as a very prolific writer She chooses a variety of topics to write about.

A young couple falls in love with each other. They are studying at Columbia University, USA. They marry against the wishes of the boy’s father, who cuts them off from his family.

A sudden twist of fate brings the girl face to face with the boy’s parents and she tries her best to win their hearts. she is very wise and intelligent so she won the heart of the boy’s parents

Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu Novel in PDF

Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu is a beautifully written Social Romantic Urdu Novel by today’s topmost famous women writer Farhat Ishtiaq.

It’s a love story of a young couple studying Engineering at Columbia University, USA. The boy has Pakistani background with NED Degree from Karachi Pakistan and loves his country (Pakistan), while the girl is USA-born with a family background of 3 generations in America and she has no interest in the land of his grandparents (Pakistan).

The story takes turn when a girl decides to leave America for Pakistan and joins her relatives to settle in Pakistan. Why did she leave the USA and for whom? Her Relatives ? or Her Love? Read this novel to find out.

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Author NameFarhat Ishtiaq
Book NameMata-e-Jaan Hai Tu
Originally published 2012

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Mata e Jan Ha Tu SS 1
Mata e Jan Ha Tu SS 2

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