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Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler is the biography of a man who made suffer the whole world, a German dictator and the Chancellor of the Nazi Party. Mein Kampf by Adolf “Hitler ki Aap Beti” explains his life story to become the supreme commander of Germany.

Adolf Hitler was a man who believed in the glory of his own nation and he gave them the title “Nazis” the superior of all. This man initiated the world war by attacking Poland and in that greatest war in human history almost 60 million people died.

This is the biography which he wrote earlier to the second great war, in this book he wrote about his struggle in his early life, childhood, family participation in the first world war.

He considered the “Jews” as his bitterest enemy and for his nation who pushed Germany into the war of destruction and that’s why during his whole political rise he criticized them, killed them, and did this job as a redemptive act for his nation.

The main part of this book contains his life journey and efforts that made him so cruel or in his words successful.

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“Hitler Ki Aap Beeti” and read the social and political story of Adolf Hitler in the Urdu language. “Hitler Ki Ap Beeti” is the title name of this book which is actually the Urdu translation of Adolf Hitler’s popular book Mein Kampf.

Mein Kampf’s book was authored by Adolf Hitler which is a kind of autobiography of Mr. Adolf Hitler who was an Austrian-born German and remained as chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945.

Adolf Hitler is best known for Holocaust and world war. He was the political leader of the German Nazi Party.

Adolf Hitler committed suicide in 1945, thus ending the copyright ban on his autobiography, Mein Kampf, at the end of 2015. Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf is Germany’s most controversial book, which has been banned for almost 70 years.

It was banned from sale in German bookshops, but the book has set new sales records on the Internet.

Hitler was imprisoned in the castle of Landsberg in November 1923 after attempting to overthrow the then government, where he wrote the book in 1924.

In it, he expressed his political views as well as a detailed outline of his future plans.

Hitler, a staunch anti-Semitic, supported the idea of “racial discrimination” and became extremely popular in right-wing nationalist circles in many European countries underneath this principle, Hitler called the German country the “maximum Aryan race” and stated of the Jews that they’d “played a devastating function in the records of humanity.”

The ebook additionally explains the Nazi political philosophy of the plan to take over the neighboring territories and make Germany the finest.

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AuthorAdolf Hitler
Original TitleMein Kampf
Published DateJuly 18, 1925

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