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Dean Graziosi has achieved great success in his personal life. His life story is amazing and fascinating. In MILLIONAIRE SUCCESS HABITS, Graziosi boils the success habits into a series of short modifications that anyone can tackle wherever you are on the path to success.

As Graziosi writes in the opening pages, “I identified the tiny shifts that have made the difference in our lives and will make the biggest impact in your life.

That’s what this book has and that’s what this book is going to deliver. It’s going to show you how to replace old habits with new ones that will help you make the leap to the next level of success.”

Millionaire Success Habits PDF

I will say that I think the beginning of the book was more informative than the end. If the end of the book was as insightful as the end then I would have rated it higher. Overall there were some good ideas that I never really considered before.

* Finding you’re “why” is very important but something that not many people realize. One good exercise to find you why is to go seven levels deep. The goal is to move progressively deeper by asking why questions seven times.

The author recommends doing this exercise several times a year because it’s not uncommon for our “why” to change. For example, why do you want to have a successful career? “So that I can establish financial independence.”

One would then ask why they want to achieve financial independence. Maybe “because my parents really struggled to raise me and I don’t want my children to face the same struggles that I did”. Continue this exercise until you have asked yourself why seven times.

Graziosi recommends doing this exercise with someone else, but if this isn’t an option then you can do it alone. The goal is to move away from head answers and come up with an answer from the heart.

* Work on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. More often than not, society tells us that we should work on our weaknesses so we are more well-rounded individuals. The author does not agree with this principle. He thinks that this is one of the biggest lies we are told.

He says that we end up feeling inferior subconsciously by doing this- that it hurts our confidence. Instead, he urges us to improve our strengths, and outsource our weaknesses to someone else whenever possible.

He provided the example of paying someone to mow because it was taking up too much of his day, and his time could have been spent on something that was more productive/would lead to more income for himself.

* People most often will buy what they want, not what they need. No matter what your next goal is, remember that supplying what people want will win oversupplying what you think they need.

It’s best to give people what they want and try to wrap it around what they need whenever possible. When you tap into people’s wants you stir their emotions, and emotions are what make decisions.

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