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O Re Piya Novel is written by famous romantic novelist Nayab Jilani. Nayab Jilani is a well-known Urdu writer and famous for her love, romance, and social novels.

The writer has been writing many Urdu Social, Love, Romantic, and fiction novels for many years. Download the latest novels from Nayab Jilani. O Re Piya Novel by Nayab Jilani is a famous Urdu social & romantic novel.

It is a great romantic novel and the writer has given the magical flow of words. Nayab Jilani has described the sacrifice of love and craze of love by the character of two women in the novel O Re Piya.

Nayab Jilani said about this novel that it is the second-longest novel written by her and the base of this novel is the strictness and environmental hardship which a woman has to face to live in society.

O Re Piya in PDF

O Re Piya is a fantastic novel that describes the tone of love and craze. Love is the sweet thing but the craze in love is just destruction which spoils everything. O Re Piya is a story of two women named “Zobaria” and Hareem.

Hareem was the statue of love and dedication. She sacrifices her life for the best of her family and never says a single word of pain.

But on the other side the girl Zobaria was just made about love. She never came to know that love is not to snatch something the real love is sacrifice.

O Re Piya is a wonderful story about our society’s terms and conditions that sometimes just the people who live around us make our life hell by their nature of backbiting and lust.

In the novel O Re Piya an interesting and unique character is the boy Muneeb called Mobi who was a eunuch but his spiritual skills were awesome.

It is the story of a mother who bears this pain. O Re Piya is a complete novel that has action, romance, drama, tragedy, love pain, love, and relationships. But overall it is a great novel by Nayab Jilani. You can read the complete novel O Re Piya Here.

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AuthorNayab Jilani
Original Titleاورے پیا

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