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Parchaiyan by M.A Rahat in which Khaternaak and Horror stories with great action. In this novel, you can read. one girl and his whole life were spent in the village that s why she was too worried when entered into Karachi city but the only thing that she liked about this city that she never sleeps and also the son of Chaudhry Allah Wasaya was living there.

She remembered she came back to the village after one year so everyone was happy to see and hug him but the most important thing was that the selfish person of our village Chaudhry Ghulam Ali gave his daughter to Gullo for marriage.

Parchaiyan PDF

Gullo is her best friend since childhood so when she reached the village she also went to welcome him but he was totally changed as he was wearing a pant shirt, holding an expensive cigarette in his hand and a beautiful expensive watch can be seen on his hand.

He was speaking in English with everyone but as he ignored her so she did not interest to talk further and left him with others but after a few days he changed back to his position and they all friends were talking about Karachi city for hours and everyone thinking when will they go to Karachi.

Second-year he came back again and get married to Noor ul Nisa and left for Karachi very soon but left his wife in the village.

After that her many friends went to Karachi and told her beautiful stories of the city and they were dreaming of Karachi that when will they go and enjoy this city but she was sure that she won’t go to Karachi.

No one knows that when life takes changes and her life also took a change and she sold her land for her dreams.


AuthorM.A Rahat
Original Title Parchaiyan
PDF QualityHD

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