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Parizad novel is authored by Hashim Nadeem containing social adventure reforming story in the Urdu language. In this story, A poor middle-class boy with an ugly face but a pure heart.

His father has less salary and they can’t afford his wishes. He stopped walking under the shadow of a shoe shop to take a rest and looked at shoes with wishful eyes.

There was an employee showing some beautiful shoes to a madam female. How beautiful she was.

When he was thinking of that female, an employee, and owner of a shoe shop observed that he interrupting with their customers.

Parizaad PDF Download

How many times he said to you don’t touch these mirrors, you have made all mirrors dirty, run from here or he will kick her out.

He took his bag down and kept walking away from the shop. This angry behaviour was not new for him. He has been hated since his childhood.

His father works in a cold drink factory. From morning till evening he packs a bottle of cold drinks and when he would come home.

He sees her father in a full angry mood, and at that time they would hide from his father because they don’t want to be beaten by his father.

He faces the ruthless world with patience. The journey of a common and also unlucky man starts from zero and ends full of twists.

The story has a great message of peace and love. No one likes him but when someone begins to like him, the past haunts him and he refused to accept reality.


We have provided this book in PDF formats. I hope you will enjoy this. 

AuthorHashim Nadeem
Original TitleParizaad
Language Urdu
Format PDF
Size4.35 MB
DownloadPDF Format
PDF QualityHD (no watermark)

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