Pathron Ki Palkon Par by Nazia Kanwal Nazi

Nazia Kanwal Nazi is the author of the book Pathron Ki Palkon Par. It was published in a monthly digest and got much appreciation from the readers. It is an excellent social and romantic story.

In this novel, Nazia Kanwal Nazi tries to explain the power of love affair which succeeded. The couple bore much pain for her love and struggled hard to fulfill their aim in life. They believed in sacrifices, which are an essential part of love.

Pathron Ki Palkon Par PDF

Nazia Kanwal Nazi is a famous writer who wrote many successful books and Television dramas. She wrote many Urdu novels that were published in a digest and got much readers’ appreciation.

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AuthorNazia Kanwal Nazi
Original Titleپتھروں کی پلکوں پر

We have provided this novel in pdf formats. I hope you will enjoy this. 


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