Patras Ke Mazameen by Ahmed Shah Bukhari

He is best known for his Urdu short works. Patras ke mazameen pdf is the title name of this Urdu book which is the gathering of the interesting stories composed by Patras Bukhari in an exceptionally delightful and provoking way.

Mr. Patras Bukhari has astonishing abilities to expound on a genuine thing in an exceptionally entertaining and parody way.

In this book, he scrutinizes that there are hydrogen and oxygen in the water pipelines in boulevards of Lahore which will soon be joined through a concoction procedure to make water in light of the fact that at whatever point you open it for water, it releases gas rather than water.

Patras Ke Mazameen in PDF

Patras Ke Mazameen by Syed Ahmed Shah Bukhari. This book contains eleven humorous essays by Peter Bukhari. These articles highlight various social issues in a humorous way.

The articles in this book constitute a landmark in the evolution of humorous prose in the Urdu language.

Syed Ahmed Shah well known as Patras Bukhari was a Pakistani humorist, writer, broadcaster, and diplomat who served as the first permanent representative of Pakistan to the united nations.

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AuthorAhmed Shah Bukhari
Original Titleپطرس کے مضامین
Published Date1930


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Patras Ke Mazameen SS 2

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