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In this novel, you can read about, There was a criminal who write an application for a jailer. The jailer’s assistant placed the application in front of the jailer And the jailer looked at the application and said,

“What is this?”The assistant told the jailer this is an interesting application. Please read it. then jailer read the application. And see the assistance were laughing listen to this application.

The jailer said to the assistance this is not a joke. Consider this person passed his life 14 years in jail. Therefore, his half-life is over. Maybe there is someone, but now there is nobody.

Qafas PDF

M. A. Rahat is one of the famous Urdu writers in Pakistan. He has written over eight hundred books and is still writing. His novel series are published in almost all monthly Magazines and Digests of Pakistan. He has written near 50 novels on Imran Series.

He was not very much successful in this series, but he has written many novels in the Mystery, Crime, Spy, and Adventure genres. MA Rahat was a great fiction writer of Urdu.

He authored many books and novels published in different digests. He wrote some long horror novels, which got a high appreciation of the readers.


AuthorM.A Rahat
Original TitleQafas
PDF QualityHD

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