Raqs e Bismil novel by Nabila Aziz – PDF [Free Download]

This is a story about a young lady named sakina who runs away to marry a man she loves. Musa, Sakinas’s cousin is knowledgeable by way of Isa about her Nikkah. Musa rushes towards the outdoor in which the Nikkah is taking location.

Raqs e Bismil PDF

Musa starts fighting with the men, grabs Sakina’s hand, and drags her away. after they return home, Musa gathers all people and tells them what Sakina become going to do.

Sakina’s Uncle fixes her marriage together with his son, Isa. Nikkah takes vicinity towards Sakina’s will and at that time she curses Musa that he falls in love with a person but can’t acquire his love.


Author Nabila Aziz
Original Title Raqs e Bismil
Language Urdu
Format PDF
Pages 400
Size 57.3 MB
PDF Quality HD

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