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Imagine being able to make so much money at an early age that you could decide when to retire, knowing full well that you have enough money stashed away to ensure a life not burdened by financial restraints.

In this book, financial guru Robert Kiyosaki provides practical insight on how to put together a financial plan which promises not only to make you prosperous but to allow you to map out the freedom to choose your own retirement age.

Built upon Kiyosaki’s own personal experiences – he retired at the age of 49 – he shows how you can take advantage of smart investments in real estate and in the stock market to help you control your own financial destiny.

Retire Young Retire Rich PDF

The book is as good as the previous ones, with motivational moments, advice about managing your money, and specific topics about investing. And the fact that Robert is often repetitive (which he is in all his books) doesn’t give it a lower score.

He just wants you to remember and incorporate simple rules of financial thinking of a wealthy person’s mind, and to expand your context. Many people will hate it, just like the previous ones but those who read between the lines will get a benefit from it.

Eventually. This book is not for everyone though, nor everyone would understand it. I suggest starting from book number one, so you could understand his philosophy. In book one he speaks about his “two fathers” (was it a true story or not is important-because I heard people saying that he made up all so he could sell books).

They had totally different views throughout their lives regarding money and he decided to adopt the thinking of the one who built his own future by being assets (businesses, real estate, securities). Not relying on salary, a company raises, finding a better-paid job.

Seven of the most important money words are income, expense, asset, liability, cash flow, leverage. He explains how to understand the correlation between these words, Cash Flow is the second book, where he introduces quadrant (E)employed, (S)elf employed, (B)businessman, (I)investor.

In the third book he focuses more on investing tactics of different types of investors, the fourth is about what and how we should teach our kids about money-and also ourselves. The fifth book among the rest tells us about leverage types that we can and need to use to retire early.

The most important is that he teaches us throughout all five books about simple steps that we MUST do if we want to get financial freedom and buy time. Because time is the most expensive asset that we have, or don’t have.

Not everyone desires to achieve this goal (or doesn’t take appropriate steps towards achieving it except dreaming), some people are comfortable with the idea of waking up every morning and having to go to work so they could pay for their living.

They are taught to think only from the perspective of employed person-self employed. But for those who crave freedom-freedom to use their time for whatever they desire to do, to be independent, work what they love without “must”, this is the right place for the start!

It will be hard in the beginning, but as you progress you will feel the desire to learn more and more and to take action, and make mistakes…for only those who are not afraid of making mistakes progress in life!

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