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The book Shamsheer e Beniyam is an excellent historical book written by Inayatullah. The writer describes the life, wars, and achievements of Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed in detail.

Inayatullah was the companion of Rasool Allah SAW and a great military commander. He played a vital role in the conquests of Syria and Iran.

Inayatullah is a famous Pakistani writer and novelist he writes many famous Urdu true and Islamic stories. This is the true Jihad Story of Islamic commander Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid R.A in the Urdu language. The author name of this Islamic literature is Allah Ki Talwar, the Islamic holy war story.

Shamsheer e Beniyam PDF

In his career as a journalist, Inayatullah was appointed as an editor of the monthly Sayyara digest. He increased the publishing of the digest.

Later, he established his publishing house named “Maktaba Dastan.” Inayatullah published a monthly magazine “Hikayat” which became one of the most published journals of Urdu.

These days, Inayatullah was attracted to historical novel writing. He wrote some popular historical novels. Inayatullah also wrote on the topic of hunting stories, investigation, psychology, biographies, politics, and social evils.

He wrote more than one hundred books and hundreds of editorials. Inayatullah used many pen names as a writer like Meem Alf, Iltumsh, Ahmad Yar Khan, Sabir Hussain Rajput, Waqas, Mehdi Khan, Gumnam Khatoon, and Inayatullah.

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Original Titleشمشیر بےنیام
Published Date1998

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