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Stoic philosophy has long been the secret weapon of history’s greatest and wisest leaders–from emperors to artists, activists to fighter pilots. Today, people of all stripes are seeking out Stoicism’s unique blend of practicality and wisdom as they look for answers to the great questions of daily life.

Where should they start? Epictetus? Marcus Aurelius? Seneca? Which edition? Which translator? Presented in a page-per-day format, this daily resource combines all-new translations done by Stephen Hanselman of the greatest passages from the great Stoics (including several lesser-known philosophers like Zeno, Cleanthes, and Musonius Rufus) with helpful commentary.

Building on the organizational structure in Ryan Holiday’s cult classic The Obstacle is the Way, this guide also features twelve monthly themes (and a helpful glossary) for clarifying perception, improving action, and unlocking the power of will. Aimed at the high-octane, action-oriented doers of our wired world, this book brings new daily rituals and new perspectives to produce balanced action, insight, effectiveness, and serenity. 

The Daily Stoic – PDF

Stoicism is an ancient philosophy. It asserts that virtue (meaning self-control, courage, justice, and wisdom) is happiness. To achieve virtue, and thus live happily, one must master the three Stoic disciplines: perceptions (how you see and understand the world), actions (how you act based on what you see), and will (how you feel when events are outside your control).

The Daily Stoic is an exercise guide, not a history of Stoicism. Its goal is to help you understand the three disciplines – perception, action, and will – and apply lessons from each to your life. Each day, you’re presented with a Stoic lesson, explained in modern language, with advice about how to apply it in everyday life.

When studying Stoicism in the past, I’ve encountered two problems. The original sources can be difficult to read. Simply put, we spoke differently 2,000 years ago. Stoicism is full of important lessons, but they can be lost when struggling with the language in Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and Letters from a Stoic by Seneca.

Books like The Obstacle is the Way and a Guide to the Good Life help by interpreting and summarizing the lessons for a modern audience. But Stoicism contains hundreds of lessons about how to live well, and modern summaries can be difficult to remember and apply all.

This is where The Daily Stoic shines. Not only does it make Stoic lessons easy to understand and apply, but it also focuses you on just one lesson per day. I find this format – a daily practice guide – the most effective way of reading, understanding, and applying Stoicism.

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