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Wapsi is an interesting story written by Umera Ahmed. This novel is also dramatized with known characters. In this novel, Wapsi has three main characters. A woman, a boy who massage to others, and one eunuch.

They were friends with each other and wanted to change their life. The girl was a dancer but she wanted to spend a noble life and that is why she was waiting for her love to come and make her free from this jail.

The boy wanted to earn money more and more he wanted to change his destiny and the eunuch wanted to meet his family once. But when he came to them they even don not recognize him and request him to dance for the new birth in the family this was heartbroken.

The boy’s destiny was near to turn but he again fails. They all were connected to each other. It is a good story to read. Online read Complete story Wapsi by Umera Ahmed.

Wapsi Novel in PDF

It is a romantic social story by Umera Ahmed. The author gave a lot of information about the history, geography, sociology, and religions. It converted the novel into an informative and entertaining book. The language of the book is very straightforward and enjoyable. I hope you will like the book Wapsi Novel Pdf and share it.

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AuthorUmera Ahmed
Original Titleواپسی
Published Date2009

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