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“Yahood-O-Nasara Tarikh Kay Ayina Mein” is about the history of Jews and Christians in the light of Islam. This book was written by Imam Ibn Al Qayyim Aljawziah who is a popular Islamic scholar across the Muslim world. Many of his books were translated into various languages of the world.

This book Yahood O Nasara Tareekh Kay Ayina Mein is also translated into Urdu language by Allama Zubair Ahmed and reviewed and checked by Maulana Mukhtar Ahmed Nadvi who are famous Islamic scholar in the sub-continent.

Yahood o Nasara Tareekh kay Ayina Mein PDF

The author has spotlighted their history from the beginning in the light of History. He has extremely criticized the spiritual and religious beliefs of Christians and Jews. The author has also narrated the profs of the Holy Prophet, Prophet Mohammad SAW in the scriptures and other heavenly books.

He has also written that the Jewish scholars in the prophetic era, recognized the Prophet Mohammad SAW as a prophet easily. The author has also discussed the story of the stone in the grave of the Prophet Daniyal A.S. This is a detailed book about the Jews.


AuthorAllama Ibn ul Qayyim
Original Titleیہود و نصاری تاریخ کے آئینہ میں

We have provided this book in pdf formats. I hope you will enjoy this. 


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